It’s the moments

September 22, 2010 · 3 comments

I left Matt’s soccer practice early tonight to go get my haircut (which I’ve been in desperate need for!).  After a frustrating time this morning and then again this evening getting them out of the house and into the car to get someplace ON TIME and not late, I was ready for the alone time.

Tonight was my “long” haircut – which means I’m usually there for a couple of hours because it’s color and cut. My stylist was running late (as usual) so I spent some quality time cleaning out my purse, catching up on Twitter and drinking my Starbucks.

It was almost 10 by the time I got home, and selfishly, I sat down to eat before going up to say goodnight to the boys (mama does enjoy hot food every once in a while you know!)

Matt was just about to get to sleep and Preston was already out.  Talking to Matt and looking at P, I decided to grab my camera.  They aren’t quiet and still often, and now I can look back days years from now and feel the same rush of love as I did tonight.  Man, do I love those boys.

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