October 1, 2010 · 4 comments

I don’t understand what is wrong in this world. I honestly don’t.  I envisioned, naively, I suppose, raising my boys in a society filled with love and understanding and compassion; with common sense and respect.  Man, was my vision wrong.

I’m sure you know about the biggest stories of bullied kids killing themselves, gay teens killing themselves…it’s tragic. It’s a crisis.  There are many that can say it better than I can, so go, please, and read and listen.  This is not acceptable – what if it were your son or daughter? Your sister, cousin, brother or father or mother? What if we all just practiced kindness and compassion.

Thump your bible all you want, but the god I know of would never tolerate this awful behavior; he would never say to bully or ignore or hurt people because they are different.

Ellen’s video (content written out below, but so much more powerful listening to someone who really, truly KNOWS talking about it) made me cry and made me rage.   Do yourself a favor and watch it and pay attention.

My friend Angie wrote a great post about it as well… go read it. Please.

No matter what you do, let people live their lives.  It’s really none of your business. Treat people how you would like to be treated.

***Forgot to add this:  It Gets Better

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