Life List


Just a few things I would like to do sometime in this life… [in no particular order]

  • Go to Italy
  • Go back to San Francisco
  • Go to a blogging conference
  • Meet MORE of my Twitter friends…MORE!!!
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Have a girls weekend with my cousins
  • Take the boys camping (in a tent)
  • Climb a volcano
  • Go to Seattle
  • Drive through giant trees
  • Walk around a restaurant and see in everyone’s meals are ok
  • See the Cherry Blossoms bloom in DC
  • Sing Sweet Caroline at Fenway
  • Visit Niagara Falls
  • Re-learn how to do a back dive
  • Play blackjack at a casino
  • Take the boys (and Mike) to the Grand Canyon
  • See all those little turtles make their way to the sea
  • Stay in an oceanfront house/cottage on the Atlantic
  • Stay in an oceanfront house/cottage on the Pacific
  • Go to one of those all-inclusive beach resorts on an island
  • Stay in a bed and breakfast
  • Drink coffee with snobby French people at an outdoor cafe in France
  • See the fireworks at Disney
  • Meet @VDog at Purple in Washington
  • Get together with Heather and laugh about pen1s inside her jokes and cancer
  • Do something worthwhile and GOOD

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