nice day for nine

June 21, 2008 · 0 comments

holes of golf, that is.  :smile:

Mike, J. and I went to a local course to see how horrible we were after months of inactivity on the links.  

Pretty bad.:lol:

Ok, not that bad, but it definitely took us awhile to get warmed up.  My best hole, shot wise? #8.  LOL. On that hole I hit 3 straight shots fairly decent distances (of course I ruined it by 3-putting).  Prior to that, I found three sand traps and lost one ball (I’m the one of our group that rarely loses a ball!).  

My score, had I been playing 18 instead of 9, would have been fantastic. Luckily, I really just enjoy playing.  I know I’ll never be Tiger Woods.  Hell, his toddler can probably play better than me at this point! My big thing is missing the ball.  Yes, I wind up and totally miss.the.ball.  Something to do with not keeping my head down or something.   :roll:  

Hopefully we’ll get out a bunch more this summer and into the fall.  I’ve decided (for the group) that we should make it an adventure and try a few different courses. Why not!  We just need to find babysitters willing to stay long enough for us to play 18.

What’d you do today? 




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