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June 19, 2008 · 2 comments

Today I took more printed exam forms to my office.  Apparently, I grabbed the wrong original document – I grabbed the OLD exam form original instead of the newest version (which leads me to wonder why I kept the old version) and had 1500 copies made of the wrong form.

Totally my fault.  Totally my error.

It’s one more example of how I have spread myself too thin; how I’m not doing a very good job at this mama-business owner thing.

I need more help.  No, that’s not true.  (Well, actually, help around the house would be very, well, helpful..)

I need more dedicated time to devote to the office.  I need to be able to enjoy my time with my boys without always having the thoughts of what has to been done at work hanging over my head, in the back of my thoughts, keeping me awake in the wee hours, keeping me from enjoying them.

It’s really no wonder I can’t keep my thoughts straight, my paperwork organized, my life in order.  I’m going 900 different directions, with house cleaning, laundry, parenting, errands, etc.  I have no time or desire for any of my hobbies once I have 2 seconds to think about them.  Instead, I’ve been retreating into my DS and blogs and twitter because nothing takes just a minute to do except those things.  Everything else is a long, drawn-out process and really? It’s my fault.  And I’m overwhelmed.

Take, for example, this moment right now.  My boys are driving their cars around the obstacle course/racetrack I made out of chalk on the driveway.  Fun, right?  But then the phone rings and it is a call about how I screwed up again and now, instead of playing and racing, I have to fix it.  (or blog, and then fix, because I can’t think straight without venting about my idiocy).

And now I have to go on the search for the right file, because, since, I am unorganized for the first time in my whole life (since I had kids!), I have no clue which computer the right file is on, let alone where or what it is called.  :mad:

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Jennifer, Playgroups are no place for children June 19, 2008 at 10:12 pm

You know, I may not “work” from home, but I really get this. I’m forever making hairbrained mistakes, like putting too much salt in a recipe or forgetting laundry in the washer, “forgetting” to clean the bathrooms…


Michelle June 20, 2008 at 10:11 am

Oh my sweet cuz, how my heart goes out to you. I’ve wondered for years how you do it. How you pull it off. It’s no wonder you’re scatter brained lately and I sooooo wish I had the magic pill for that. But here’s hoping that my thoughts and love are constantly coming your way, girl!!


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