Big Slobby Mess

May 9, 2006 · 0 comments

That’s what P is today. Yuck. He had a really hard time going to bed last night (can you say 10:00? UGH) and woke up cranky. He’s already taken 2 naps and his nose won’t stop running; mild temp, sneezing, etc. Could be a cold. Could be teeth. Could be both. . Either way, (can it be either with 3 options? Hmmmm) I can’t stop wiping and he can’t stop screaming because I keep heading toward him with a kleenex.

My favorite smell of all time is Lilacs. Nothing signals Spring to me like those lovely, fragrant purple flowers. We had a huge bush at one of the houses I grew up in and it was always my favorite. 🙂 We have one planted at our house now, but since it’s in the back on the side of the house, I actually forgot about it until yesterday. Although, when I went for a bike ride last night, I was able to inhale deeply as I passed about 30 of them. 😀

Oddest thing I’ve seen today (so far): A woman, probably in her 60s, walking down the sidewalk carrying a cat scratching post. No bag, just in her arms. Odd. I guess if you need one, you need one, right?

Car I Wish I had today Convertible Mustang. Man, it’s beautiful out and the lack of windows that roll down in my stupid van is ridiculous. It’s only May, I don’t want to use a/c!

Frustration of the day By the time we pick up Matt from school and get home, we will be less than 4 hours to bedtime. (It will seem like 2). I had high hopes of getting lots of work done at the office today. No dice. So, I had high hopes of getting work done at home. No dice. Now, I have little hope of getting work done and going to the gym and getting to bed at a decent hour. Oy.

P wants to stand on his own so bad. He keeps letting go of one hand and then flopping to the floor. Of course, he doesn’t “cruise” yet on the furniture, so I’m not sure where the confidence of not holding on comes from…

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