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May 10, 2006 · 0 comments

Nice title, eh?

First, two music related items:
1) In the song The Warrior by Scandel, is the line really your eyes touch me physically?
2) Flashback song of the day: Driving My Life Away – Eddie Rabbit

My workout tonight consisted of a 27 minute walk on the treadmill. I did about 10 of those minutes at incline 6, though. Nice work on the legs. Then I did some bicep/tricep work and headed home. A little too late for my liking to hit the pool; I just wanted to get home.

Question of the Day: Is it wrong to listen to comedians on my iPod while I’m working out? 😀 Sometimes I am very close to laughing out loud and I wonder if people would (a) think I’m totally crazy or (b) think I was laughing at them. Now for todays PSA Next time you are at the gym (or where ever) and someone is listening to something a grinning like an idiot, don’t assume it’s you. 🙂

If you saw someone putting a child, clearly under age 12 in the front seat of a car, would you say something to them?

Matt has been noticing churches the past few days. Does the fact that he points at fast food places and says “Look, there’s a church” mean that we eat out too much or that we don’t go to church enough?

P. got his first bloody, fat lip today, courtesy of his big brother. They were playing – laughing and everything – and then I heard thud….scream…. Matt sprinted away (no, not guilty at all!) and P was doing that whole crying with no sound thing. Yipe. So, I’m thinking he smacked his head on the floor (again) and then I saw blood. Holy heart attack, batman! Of course, he’s screaming, I’m trying to see in his mouth, praying he doesn’t need stitches, and Matt is hiding and crying. LOL. All that before 9am. Of course, I took pictures – I am a scrapbooker, you know! 😛

Speaking of scrapbooking…the big Expo is this week and I am counting down the hours. Friday is my one day of the year where I get to go blow a bunch of money on scrapbook stuff from a ton of stores all in one place. And with any luck, I’ll actually get to spend some of Mother’s Day scrapbooking! The preparations have started. I must print pictures, organize them, and clean up my space as to not waste any precious time on Sunday. My day. Because I am the mama.

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