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The plot thickens…apparently, my crazy but medically challenged employee is leaning more toward crazy. I understand now that she was trying to get out of work not only on Thursday, but also Tuesday and Wednesday! Yes, this was after being back at the job she literally begged for for one week. She’s so good, she’s even got her mom believing that she’s having seizures. She actually had the cajones to call back over the weekend and say that her doctor has her on new drugs and that she can come back to work! HA! She was told not only that she couldn’t come back, but to not EVER call back again. And to think I felt bad for her. Bah.

A local radio station is playing Christmas songs already. For whatever reason, I’ve actually been listening to it lately. Strange, but true, I am enjoying it early this year. That reminds me – I’ve got to make a new playlist for the office iPod to mix in some Christmas tunes. See, our receiver at the office went out and rather than buying a new one, we decided to use an existing iPod and create a playlist appropriate for the office. I hooked it into the speakers and we are all set! The girls are pretty happy to have music after not having it for so long. I rule.

In other office news, my furnace went out. Again. And now, no one even recommends fixing it. So now I’m looking at a $7,200 expenditure when I thought I was getting back on my feet. Ugh. And of course, that stresses me out because it’s coming up on the end of the year, which is bonus time for my doctor and staff (and usually myself). Where o where is the money going to come from??????? BAH!

Oh, did I mention that they aren’t able to get me a new one right away?? Of course, I can’t let my staff freeze, so in addition to suggested that they dress for the weather (hehe) I brought in a bunch of space heaters. Those things scare me though. Ah well. They’ve got to stay somewhat warm!

Little Man is starting to be really interactive. He’s “talking” a lot more and definitely tells us when he’s tired. He’s pretty much come up with his own bedtime, which is so awesome. If only we could get rid of that middle of the night feeding! Of course, he’s too little for that, but one can dream. Well, dreaming would require sleeping…so maybe daydream would be a better word!

We got my grandma’s stuff all moved to storage this past weekend. I feel so bad for her. Her dementia is pretty bad, and the inability to walk around is depressing her. Of course, if she could remember her hip exercises 5 minutes after the PT left, that would be helpful. She’s in a not-so-glorified hospital setting, which is a far cry from where we just moved her stuff from. Sad.

The good part of the weekend was seeing my cousin and meeting her boyfriend. They came over here to have dinner and hang out, so that was great. Especially since they both love kids. If you’re a parent, you know what I mean – sometimes, if you’re around people without little kids, you constantly worry about them and their behavior, but if your guests have or adore kids, you can actually let down your guard and enjoy yourself. Anyway, we had a really good time and I like this guy a lot. I sure wish we all lived closer together. Funny how an hour flight seems so far when you have kids.

Well, it’s about time to brave the snow and wind and get the boy to school so I can deliver more space heaters…. brrrrrrr………..

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