November 25, 2005 · 0 comments

Ah, I am so thankful. (In no particular order)

– Thankful that I got to see my family and spend the day with them, especially my cousin, his wife and their new baby.
– Thankful that my boys are happy and healthy and smart and adorable and that I get to spend my life with them.
– Thankful that I have a wonderful husband who not only knows how to cook, but enjoys it; loves me, is such an amazing father and puts up with my family
– Thankful that I am healthy and so blessed
– Thankful for the abilities to laugh and run and see and hug
– And for a million little other things that I don’t have time or energy to write.

So, my son is pretty damn smart. Yeah, yeah, everyone says that about their kid, but I have PROOF! We have this playroom with a super tall ceiling. Yesterday, the boy was playing with a helium balloon and the string came off, so it floated up to the ceiling. He runs over, grabs his little couch and reaches waaaaay up for it, but obviously can’t get it. So, he sprints out and into the kitchen, rummages around in a drawer and goes running back into the playroom with…..TONGS! LOL He climbs back on his couch, reaches the tongs into air and exclaims “Can’t reach it!” Now how’s that for problem solving??? Damn smart, eh?

Funny quote of the day: I was sweatin like it was cartwheel day at fat camp.

I spilled Coke on my laptop. Wait. That’s not true. My son dumped my Coke over off the coffee table, onto the floor and onto my laptop where I was, of course, using it. We quick backed everything up, but everything is perfectly fine, except for the few sticky keys. I popped one off to clean under it, but I’m still working on getting it back on fully, so I’m just dealing with the rest.

Well, in true after Thanksgiving fashion, we’re going to start the decorating for Christmas this weekend. We usually start the day after, but we needed to do some serious basement cleaning today, so we’ll start tomorrow. We’re getting a real tree this year, so that ought to be fun. We have a huge tree, but we want to put a tree in front of the window this year, so we need something smaller.

I’ve lost my train of thought, so I guess that’s it for tonight! More soon!

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