Crazy employee?

November 10, 2005 · 0 comments

So it turns out my slightly crazy, very much liked new employee isn’t so much crazy as has medical issues. Apparently she had a seizure of some sort this morning, at the office. When I stopped in to drop off payroll she was all teary-eyed. She said she’d no longer be able to work there, which I understand. I feel bad for her, not knowing what is wrong. She said she knew who I was but didn’t know my name anymore. How scary. So…on the hunt for a new employee again…”luckily” it’s getting to be our slow time, so it’s not too big of a deal right now.

I seriously high-tailed it out of my own office today. The Little Man hasn’t been feeling well, so I sprinted in, dropped off paychecks, heard the news and left again. Honestly, I would have liked to stay and hang out with my employees, but I just didn’t feel for dragging him in, as we would have been there easily for a couple of hours. It’s a pain, but I’m having some guilt issues about not being there; just as I would have guilt issues if I were there without him, I guess.

I’d like to do something. I don’t know what, but I feel like I should be taking a class or going to the gym or SOMETHING at least once a week. Unfortunately, any “free” time I have I generally devote to working or cleaning. If only I could set aside one or two nights just to go in my room and do crafty things, I think it would be awesome. BUT, I guess my boys are too young for me to be thinking outside the box….

Speaking of using free time to clean….I’d better get to it

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