A 3 Hour Test

July 5, 2005 · 0 comments

Hour One

Of course, they started my test late – after the very friendly lady acted as if my mere presence was a bother – I was led to a “private” room in the back of the lab, complete with boxes of supplies, furniture from the 70s and a tiny little tv with rabbit ears. Luckily, the rocking chair is quite comfy. The orange soda-like drink went down a little tough this morning; I’ve already given two samples and the next sample is in 15 minutes. I feel like crap. No one should have to intake that much sugar this early in the morning after fasting. Not to mention my stuffy nose is getting the better of me and I am SO hungry. Peanut is swimming around like mad, probably wondering what the heck is going on. I’ve already gotten the updates to my personal website done (of course, I am lacking Internet access, so they’ll have to be uploaded later. What kind of lab doesn’t have wireless access? LOL). And if I can continue to keep my eyes open, I will work on my office website as well. I feel trapped. I miss my boy. I know how hard it is for Nom to leave every morning without seeing the boy; I almost wanted him to wake up before I left so I could love him up, but no luck. Hope the drop-off at school goes ok for them.

Hour Two

Work website updated for now. Not sure what else I want to do – actually, I know what I want to do, but I need the internet for such a project. Was just listening to some lady talk about her pregnancy while she got her blood drawn. People are so funny. I know I have my moments of complaining, but generally I try not to do so with people I don’t know. I guess the been there, done that feeling has a lot to do with it, too. She was having a rough time getting drawn and telling the phlebotomist how to do her job, which I’m sure she loved. And then, after all of her complaints, she says “oh, I know it will be worth it once my little boy is here”. Yep, keep thinking that, sister! Next blood draw: 22 minutes. Might be time to read or sleep. Man, am I hungry and bored.

Hour Three

Passed the time reading a new book – Summer's Child by Luanne Rice. Always liked her books and she's written a bunch. The last lady who drew my blood was funny. She knew by looking at me that I already had a boy and guessed correctly the next one would be as well. She said mothers of boys always have that look like "what did he do now?!" LOL.

So anyway, now that's over. This cold has been kicking my butt and the lack of food certainly made me cranky. Luckily, I got some food and then was able to relax on the couch for a few hours. Nom when to get the boy and man, was I happy to see him! He's been an angel today; I think he grew up while he was at school today or something. Tomorrow I guess I will go to work – I have my 2 least confident employees on guard this week while everyone else is on vacation. I worry about the two of them being there alone, so I will hang out there for a little while and do damage control after bringing home some paint for the nursery.

well, that's enough for today… ciao!!

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