Terrible 2s

July 4, 2005 · 0 comments

Now this is a storm! Mother Nature is putting on quite a show in this neck of the woods – heavy rain, wind, thunder and the occasional streak of lightning. I love a good storm.

I have a freaking cold and it is annoying the crap out of me. Started with a nice sore throat the other day and now has blossomed into a lovely combo of sore throat, sneezing and sniffling/congestion. I despise being sick.

Going in to take my three hour glucose tolerance test tomorrow morning. Yippppeeeeee. Not only is sitting there for that long and being stuck with a needle not my idea of fun, but this carb loading for the past three days is grossing me out. I could easily jump on the low-carb bandwagon tomorrow afternoon!

So my son is going to be two and is in that "terrible" phase. I feel like I am such a failure with him. I'm tempted to believe in spanking just because I am such a loss. He has this thing about hitting me – one would think that a 22 month old hitting wouldn't be such a big deal, but my boy is strong! And when I get him to stop hitting me, he decides it would be totally enjoyable (for him) to squeeze and pinch my cheeks, neck, whatever he can get his little hands on. Hurts like hell! Today, he decided that kicking me in the stomach while I changed his diaper was the most hilarious thing he'd ever seen. After repeatedly asking him to stop kicking me, telling him he was hurting me, etc, I stood up, plopped him on the couch and walked away…. and HE started crying!! And of course, he couldn't have cared less that I was crying from the pain of his repeated blows to the belly. <SIGH> It's so frustrating. And of course, he's additionally testing every other boundary that he has, and there is a very fine line between those tantrums you can ignore and the ones you can't and shouldn't. Ah well, live and learn. When he loves me, he sure does love me up well – so cuddly and sweet and funny that it breaks my heart he's so dang adorable. But when he's mean to me, that breaks my heart too. I'm sure being this pregnant doesn't help matters on my end either. <double SIGH>

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