I’m Having A Baby

June 27, 2005 · 0 comments

No, not at this very moment or anything, but surely it will be before that date they gave me. Hopefully it's before I have to go out and buy more clothes, as mine are not fitting very well anymore.

I am so not looking forward to taking the dumb 3 hour test next week. BORING. I know some exercise would certainly help with breaking down the glucose and such, but I just can't seem to get out there. Maybe tonight… I'm considering buying a membership to go swimming at a place about 500 ft away from the boy's school. I'm thinking if I could skip out of work about 1 hour before I usually do, then I could go get in some swimming and then pick him up right after. That way I can get in the exercise and use my time wisely. Hmmmm….

The boy (who is better than yours, by the way :P) has decided to start sleeping later, but now has taken to starting his nap later…for like 3 days in a row he's done this. And of course, no lunch first, which ought to have a lovely effect on his dinner. Not sure I understand what this is all about, but whatever.

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