School – almost 2 weeks in

September 13, 2012 · 0 comments

Things have been pretty crazy around here since the start of school.  You’d think it would be less crazy with the kids IN school all day, but you’d be wrong.

Tales of a 4th Grade Matthew

Matt has settled into 4th grade quite nicely. His teacher is young and friendly and loves teaching this age/grade. He’s already bringing home homework that’s beyond me, but is doing well.

BUT…when I got there for pick up today, his teacher approached me and asked if I had heard from the principal today. I replied not yet, so she told me that there had been an issue with another kid that they’d been having trouble with since the start of school last week. Apparently, when they were lined up for lunch, Matt turned around to look at something in the back of the room and this child, who was in line behind him, took offense or was angry about something and shoved my kid.

Shoved MY kid.

The teacher felt terrible, the other kid was suspended immediately. When I asked Matt about it, he was pretty nonchalant. He told me he was shoved hard enough to fall down and scrape his knee, which upset me even more. But, I take comfort in the fact that the other kid was dealt with swiftly and won’t be there for awhile. Matt seems fine.

Stories of a 2nd Grade Preston

Preston has been having a terrible time getting used to school this year. The first day went ok, but every other day except one has gone horribly at drop off.  I thought maybe it was a sleep (or lack thereof) issue, but even on the days when he’s getting more sleep AND waking up ok [he’s a sloooow waker], he still gets terribly upset once we get there. I’m lucky our school is very laid back and I get to hang out with him for a few minutes.  The crying is heartbreaking though. He claims to hate school, to be tired, to miss me. Nothing bad enough to account for the tears and sniffles we’ve gone through every day.  He’s smart and friendly and has friends, so he’s not all alone.

I don’t know how to get him past this. He’s worse this year than he ever was, even in kindergarten! He’s so clingy and so sad.

I’m sure he’ll be fine, but in the meantime, my heart hurts every morning while I play up happy! fun! school! yay!


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