The end is near

June 6, 2011 · 1 comment

The last Monday of school was today.

Tomorrow is the last Tuesday and the last full day of school. (I’ll be at the Awards Ceremony)

Wednesday is the Kindergarten Celebration (I wouldn’t miss it) and a 1/2 day. [This means that I will officially have a FIRST GRADER! Oof, my baby!]

Thursday is 2nd grade beach party/slide show (of course I’ll be there) and is the last day. A 1/2 day. [Um, how can he be going to THIRD GRADE?!]

Friday is SUMMER VACATION!!!!!

I actually love summer vacation.  The reason? It’s simple – SLEEP.  There’s no rushing around, no worrying about being late, no

What do you want for breakfast?

Where are your shoes?

Please find your shoes!

Could you please finish up so we can go?

It’s already 8:40 – the bell is ringing in 8 minutes

The bell is ringing RIGHT NOW!

Come on, we’re LATE!!

I am beyond lucky that my mom is coming 3 days a week to hang with her grandsons so that I can go to work.  Honestly, I’d rather stay home, but I know that would get old FAST (like, by next Tuesday probably). They’ll have a blast with Grambo…which reminds me….

What are your favorite activities to do with the kids in the summer??


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Shine June 6, 2011 at 11:35 pm

Number one, I love that your kids call your mom Grambo…I get this picture of your mom with a red bandana tied around her head holding a machine gun…it’s freaking hilarious and I betcha that word will make an appearance in a future book if that’s cool with you!

In response, we do everything we can’t do during the school year: Sleep in, go to the pool, head to zoo/museum/park/drive-in movies. Planning on testing out the telescope Brando got for Xmas too!


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