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November 6, 2009 · 0 comments

I’m sick and whiny and my head feels like a bowling bowl wrapped in insulation.  No, not piggy flu…just a stupid cold. I’ve been in bed all day (well, minus taking the kids to school, getting the delivery of drywall, forging for food and spending time on the couch to be social with the fam and eating dinner).  I haven’t been keeping track, but I’m pretty certain that I have sneezed approximately 259 261 times today.

Upon recommendation of my fine tweeps on twitter, I have secured a neti pot in order to help this congestion.  I tried it once, it worked for about 10 minutes, but now I’m all stuffy/runny again.  Either I did it wrong or I’m too congested or people were wrong. I will try again, just for the fun of it (because there is nothing more fun that pouring warm, salty water into your nasal cavity, yo!)


Random Friday Thoughts

– If you are buying a bridal gown and are more concerned about what your fiance thinks of the dress than your own feelings? Not the best way to start a marriage, in my opinion. His opinion is NOT the most important!

– Also, what happened to the husband not seeing the dress prior to the wedding?!

– My boys are LOUD and NUTS and have more energy than a freaking border collie on crack. They may just seem that way because everything in my head is amplified right now….but probably not.

– My boys, also, are brilliant, just so you know.  Preston is doing great in preschool and made the best drawing of his dad today in school (will try to scan or photograph to share the awesome).  Matt is going down to a second grade classroom every day to read chapter books aloud with the older kids.

– I had a dream this afternoon that was so vivid and real that I think it would make a great book or movie.  Do I have the skills or guts to write it? Who knows.  Maybe I’ll try.

– I took “Less Drowsy” NyQuil.  Not sure why they even make that. So I can be sorta sleepy and feeling kind of better? I’d rather have my ass knocked out.(Apparently we have regular big N, small y, giant effing Q here in the house, but my brain/eyes aren’t working right, so…meh)

– I decided not to do the whole NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) this year to avoid writing posts just for the sake of filling space….and then I post like this… HUH.

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