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November 3, 2009 · 1 comment

(boy, based on that title, this post could go a whole lot of ways….heh)

Today I cleaned the family room.  Dusted, vacuumed, picked up and moved the furniture.  It looks so pretty all nice and clean and fresh (just don’t look closely at the carpet, eh? EW).  I started to work on the kitchen, but my mom finished up work early and came over to help out with P after all…so now my kitchen AND family room are mostly clean (floor in kitchen MUST be vacuumed – black dog hair be gone!!).  It feels so good to have cleanliness around me!

I picked up my desk a bit and now am up in my room working*.  Once I get some laundry finished and drag the damn vacuum up the stairs, the house will be decent and I will relax about it.  Admittedly, I am not nearly as bad as I used to be about not being able to relax before the house is clean, but still, I feel a lot better about things when it’s clean.


Preston decided to stay home today, which, except for the fact that i had planned to work in-office today, is truly ok with me.  Next year he won’t have a choice about going to school (besides, it saves us money when he doesn’t go!), so I do enjoy having him around since I know the time is fleeting.


My leg is doing better.  Waiting for a call back from the lymphedema people so I can go in and learn how to take care of my leg and make sure the drainage is going well.  Still no word back from my oncologist about my scans, so I’ll leave a message later today to see what is up. Assuming no news is good news as of now.  I still have a fair amount of numbness and those electrical pulses drive me nuts, but I’m feeling pretty good. My scars are healing, but are still very obvious.  Wearing the compression stocking is a pain in the ass, but it definitely makes a difference with the swelling when I am up and around. I still get tired faster, but that is getting better too.  It feels good to be getting back to normal.


My brother passed the bar!!  Not that I doubted that he would, but it was a relief for him to finally get that piece of paper in the mail.  He’s looking to start his own practice with some very good connections, so keep your fingers crossed for him.  He’s come a long way, my bro.


Well, that’s about it from here….better go downstairs and see what the hockey goings on are all about!

What’s new with you?

*where working = opening mail, making piles, throwing the ball for the dog, tweeting and blogging.

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Karen Sugarpants November 4, 2009 at 1:17 am

oh gosh you’re full of energy! come over?
.-= Karen Sugarpants´s last [bit of blogging genius] ..Protected: Blindsided =-.


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