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June 16, 2009 · 1 comment

Two nights before the end of school, Matt woke up yelling for me about an hour after he’d gone to bed. As per usual, I sprinted up to his room.

‘Mom! I need to do my birthday with my class and you can make cookies for me to take in!’

{me, staring at his like he’d sprouted another head} ‘Uh, okaaayy. But your birthday is in August…’

‘But we can celebrate it in school this week!!’

{me, backing away slowly} ‘Alright, I’ll talk to your teacher tomorrow’ and thinking dude, you seriously woke up to tell me that 2 days before the end of school?!

Come to find out, yes, they do encourage the kids to celebrate their birthdays with the class when it falls during non-school months. So, since Matt wanted to take cookies, cookies I would bake!

My original thought was a plate of cookies. Then I thought, why not individual bags. Then I thought, man, that’s boring!!  For some reason my mind went to those little cookie cups they sell at the cookie place at the mall – you know, cookies filled with frosting or chocolate?  Why not try to make those?!

I broke out the Googles and found that most people use pre-made cookie dough. Hmmm…well, since I had already made a double batch of homemade cookie dough, I guess I would wing it.

I whipped out my mini muffin pans and got to work.

1st batch = FAIL.  Over-filled the tins, so the cookie spilled over the edge.  2nd batch= semi-fail. Not quite done enough in the center. 3rd batch = SUCCESS!

The cookies baked, I let them cool and grabbed a can of vanilla frosting. Using a spoon, I filled them up and then threw some sprinkles on the top for a little pizazz.

Birthday treats a success!


I can’t believe that Matt is done with Kindergarten. For some reason, this change is much more emotional for me – the step from preschool to kindergarten was a big one, but an easy one when it came down to it.  But the move from Kindergarten to 1st grade? Seems HUGE. Big kids are in grades. Big kids go to first grade!! How did he get so big, so fast?  It’s not that it’ll big a challenge or change for him – he’ll be in the same school and probably have at least half of his current class in his new class (only 2 Kindergarten teacher and only 2 1st grade teachers).  It will be easier for him – he already knows the lay of the land, lots of kids and the teachers.  But for me? For some reason, not so easy.


We went in to get Matt on his last day and say goodbye to his teacher.  Although I was slightly unsure of her at the beginning of the year, I came to really enjoy and respect her.  She did right by my boy and for that I am thankful.  She understood his delicate nature, she let him learn at his own pace; she let him talk and be himself. She taught him well and he learned a lot from her.  She started to cry as he was saying goodbye to her and that broke my heart open a little wider.

Matt has changed a lot since the beginning of the year – he’s become less shy and a little more 5yo obnoxious. He wants to learn all the time. He’s reading at a 2nd grade level. The changes in his writing alone are amazing. He’s outgrowing his baby brother, just enough to make it feel like a knife in my heart.

The days of him running to me for hugs and cuddles are slipping away.  I’m glad I have all summer to try to hold on for just a little longer.

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Michelle June 17, 2009 at 7:45 am

Okay you’re making ME cry. For real. My “baby” is leaving preschool for Kindergarten and EVERY STINKIN DAY I look at her and think “she’s totally leaving me/us.” Most people give me that condescending, half smile, but you know what? This IS a big deal. Beginning with “big kid” school, our kids will begin to spend more of their lives focused on their peers and less on us at home. It’s a big leap of faith trusting all those other influences, of peers, parents, teachers. And I know they’ll become amazing thanks to that outside influence, and yadda yadda yadda turn into amazing adults because we loved them enough to loosen the apron strings, etc, but BOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’m crying for the loss of my sweet baby girl. SERIOUSLY. I. AM. FEELING. YOUR. PAIN. Girl, seriously. and leaving the younger sibs in the dust…double sniff….


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