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July 19, 2008 · 0 comments

In conversation, my cousin mentioned a number of things that would be good for blogging purposes. Even though his wife, Mike and I all (half)attempted to get him to just start his own, he declined, so for him, I hereby open up the following discussion:

There are very many wonderful things about the internet, one of which is the ability to find pretty much anything you need to know.  The problem with that is determining which information is the most reliable; which one is right.

Tonight’s discussion is the origin of the word okay or the abbreviation/initials o.k. Any ideas?  Meh, me either.  So I looked it up.  And on 5 different websites, plus the online dictionary in my dashboard, I got the same answer…and honestly, it’s a little boring.  BUT, here it is:

1OK Listen to the pronunciation of 1OK
or okay Listen to the pronunciation of okay \?-?k?, in assenting or agreeing also ??-?k?\
adverb or adjective
abbreviation of oll korrect, facetious alteration of all correct

A number of websites mentioned the “facetious” or “jocular” misspellings or alerations of oll korrect.  Apparently, it was an editorial fad of the Boston newspapers in 1839, then it spread to other newspapers…then all over.

OK with you?:mrgreen:

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