I hereby resolve…

January 2, 2007 · 0 comments

to be more on top of my business.  Yes, I am busy with 2 kids at home, but I think it’s time to make work a little bit more of a priority. The books aren’t full (I didn’t get recalls for this month done), the bills aren’t paid (ok, so we have no money, but I can work on some cost-cutting somewhere!), and I’m totally disorganized.  OY.  I shall fix it all!!!!!!!!

In other resolution news, I started my day as planned. Decent food choices, a hilarious effort of Pilates with both boys joining in, and even got on the treadmill and the Bowflex tonight after dinner.  The boys are in bed early, so with any luck, I will be too!  Just getting some work done and then off to bed I go!

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