Zingerman’s = YUM!

December 28, 2006 · 0 comments

We went to lunch today at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor with my cuz Nicole and her fiance, Chris. If you’ve never heard of Zingerman’s, well, it’s too bad for you! You can check it out online . Unfortunately for you, you can’t get one of their amazing sandwiches online, but you can order lots of other fantastic things! Anyway, it was very nice spending time with them (my cuz and her man, not the sandwiches…well, ok, a little of both!). After we ate we did a little wandering through the shops at Kerrytown. Sadly, we had to cut that short since we (a) had a babysitter for not much longer and (b) had two sick little ones at home. Alas, it was nice to see and spend time with them without all of the parents around, too.
The boys are still sick, but a call to the doctor’s office assured us that if they were still in good spirits and still eating/drinking that we shouldn’t worry. Both are pretty stuffed up, but they did go to bed early, so that is a good sign.
Oh, back to Christmas! I was lucky enough to get three big things that I wanted from my dear hubby: the cool MacBook I mentioned before (which is just awesome and was a total surprise!), the fabulous ice cream maker and the coolest scrapbooking tool (I think! I’ve yet to play with it!) to cut stuff out with! I totally rock!! 😀 I got the carpet cleaner I wanted (and used it last night – it’s pretty good!)

Oy, both boys crying and coughing! I’ll be back!!

….okedokee….by the time we got all organized – juice, cheese, medicine – Matt was totally back to sleep and Preston only wants his daddy (who he’s calling mommmmmmeeeeee currently). It’s not that I mind Preston wanting his daddy – I’m very blessed and happy that he loves his daddy that much and feels he can get comfort from him. It’s just that it used to be ME that could soothe him and now he just doesn’t even want me, which saddens me because I’m THE MAMA and I WANT TO SOOTHE HIM! Admittedly, in the middle of the night, I don’t mind too awful much, but I feel bad for Mike. I know that as soon as Mike goes back to work next week that he’ll get over it (he’ll have to) pretty quick, but in the meantime, it’s pretty frustrating to both of us. And honestly, how odd that I’m holding him and he’s reaching away from me saying mommmmeeeee!! 🙂

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