It’s the end of the year as we know it

December 31, 2006 · 0 comments

(apologies to REM for that)

I hate the end of the year, but I love it as well. Quite a contradiction, eh? Well, I love the new, fresh start that a new year brings. Personally, business, emotionally, whatever. New year = fresh start. Old me, new ways.

I can’t stand the end of the year when it comes to my business. First of all, I’m an idiot and I haven’t balanced my checkbook this entire year. DUH.  Makes year end reconciliation a little difficult.  Not to mention I bounced a check for the first time ever (my dad would be having a freaking heart attack about now!). So I’ve been working on balancing a year’s worth for about 2 hours (plus a little yesterday in the office) and I’m in need of a break!  If I can just get close to my records and the bank’s records matching, I’ll be able to pay some bills and start the year off right! LOL.  :)  Lesson learned – checkbook will be balanced monthly!  I do love the opportunity to put this year behind and start anew. It wasn’t the best business year, so a fresh start will be nice.

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