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June 29, 2006 · 0 comments

* If you can put an apple in a bag of potatoes to keep them from spoiling, can you put a potato in with apples to keep them from spoiling?

* My son has a serious chocolate problem. It’s obviously genetic – I wonder if anyone has done studies on genetic food cravings before?

* I have officially caught up with Rescue Me. Man, do I like that show. It’s raw and gritty and somewhat nasty and a lovely departure from my every day life. 😀 Of course, it’s a show about FDNY, so I’m hooked already, and then you add in a very interesting cast (not to mention some good looking guys) and I can’t stop watching! Of course, there won’t be a new episode for 2 weeks, so I kind of screwed myself by getting caught up last night, but it does open up the door for new television obsessions.

* Speaking of tv obsessions, I’m quite enjoying the House reruns. At the end of the season they started the season over, playing two episodes every Tuesday. So I’m just about caught up with that now, too! Next on the agenda: Lost.

* The Boys Update: Preston is dying to climb the stairs (and the couch and off the bed…). Unfortunately, he’s still at that age where he thinks he can just sit down midway and be alright. Well, sure, when one of us are standing there! It’s hard to believe Matt used to crawl up and down those stairs, when now he takes them practically 2 at a time! Matt has been hilarious today – talking non-stop, cooking on the deck (oy, the mess of sand and water and couscous and noodles!). He’s getting the hang of his new Jeep and one day we might get further than the toy gas tank in the neighbor’s driveway. 🙂

* Our big plan for the 4th of July holiday weekend? We’re moving mulch. Yipppeee. Not just regular wood mulch. No. The recycled tires, rubber, wood-looking mulch. You should see the size of the bags that are in our driveway. And we have to move them around the house to under the playset. The area is like 26×30 and it’s gotta be like 4 inches deep. My back hurts already. Perhaps I’ll take a picture so you can see the bags – they are quite impressive.

* Should be getting the puppy next week sometime. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. Today, Riley (aka Dorkdog) has been quite the crotchety old fool.

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