Paris Hilton and Rollerblades

June 23, 2006 · 0 comments

😀  Two totally separate different topics! 

1st, Paris Hilton sings??!!!??  I was pretty surprised to hear that (although, not really, given how today's celebrities tend to jump projects so fast). I honestly can't stand her. She and all of her anorexic-looking pals can jump off a cliff for all I care. I've never seen her show and never intend to.  But, I did, quite accidentally, hear her song last night on the radio. Something about stars being blind or something.  The oddest thing? She wasn't all bad. I'm sure it was mostly due to recording studio magic, but she reminded me of Gwen Stefani or someone like that. 

2nd: I bought myself an updated pair of Rollerblades yesterday (as well as a heart rate monitor for working out and such). My blades are pretty cool – I tried them out tonight in a new sub across the street and I didn't even fall! 🙂  It's literally been years since I've skated and I'm a but out practice. After 2 kids and a few years, my old ones didn't fit well, so I was checking out new ones and boy have they changed! I got a killer deal and they are super smooth and comfy. The coolest feature? No laces! It's got this tension wire thingy that tightens them up.  

Matt got some roller skates the other day. We haven't had a chance to let him try them yet, but as soon as we do, I promise to post pictures! 

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