“I’m not so little anymore mama”

June 14, 2006 · 0 comments

That’s what Matt said to me yesterday when I was praising him for putting his sandals on all by himself.  Yes, wussy girl that I am, I totally teared up and grabbed him up quick for a hug. :)  When I told him he was getting so big, he did say something like “but I’m a little big boy”.  Two and a half and he already knows how to make his mama feel better!

Lately though, he’s been calling me mom. I’m not crazy about that – I want to be mama or mommy for a long time; I’m not ready to be mom.  Mom conjures up images of teenagers rolling their eyes and expelling the word MOM on a long, deep, annoyed breath.  Mama is comforting, loving, cuddly.  Mommy is fun and lovable and always there when you need her.  

I got a phone call at work today from Matt.  Actually, the babysitter called and he wanted to talk. Of course, he didn’t talk, but I did get a couple ‘yeah’s out of him. :)  Apparently, after telling me to leave so he could play, he missed me after all.  

I was at the dentist tonight and we were discussing our kids. It was odd, because I was saying things like my oldest and my youngest and things like that. Yes, I am a full-fledged parent.  Bragging about how smart my kids are, how P. wants to walk and eat real food now (no, I didn’t mention the fact that he still eats 2x a night and that the extent of his desire to walk is standing and letting go). 😀  

Is there anything more adult that worrying about a parent having surgery? My dad had minor out patient surgery today. I know he was nervous because he’s never sick and has never even had to stay at the hospital; apparently he’d been looking at old home movies this past week as well.  Anyway, all is well.  He was relaxing on the back porch overlooking the lake and enjoying his Vicodin last I checked.  

Workout of the Day: Rode my bike to and from work.  It’s just over 2 miles (I think). I did it faster on the way home than on the way there. It was tough, but it felt good!! 

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