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My son’s teacher quit today and I can’t get over it.

Granted, I only found out a couple of hours ago, but I am SO upset! I totally feel like crying.

Anyway, we walked in the class this morning, and my son says “Ms. Nikki not here!” And I said, “hmm, no, maybe she’s still sick” since she was out Tuesday sick. So, I leave him there with another caregiver he’s had before (but not one of my favorites, by any stretch) and I see the director as soon as I walk out the door. Of course, I ask if Nikki is sick and she says, NO, she quit this morning!!! I was like WHAT?????????? She of course, can’t tell me what really happened or anything (although, what does it matter now?). I felt like crying right then and there! This most recent room has been, by far the best room that ds has been in in the past 1.5 years and I loved her techniques and how much she openly loved my kid and all the others.

We had some issues in the room he was in prior, as they couldn’t seem to get the teachers right; lots of turnover and whatnot. But I thought this was the answer! I’m betting that she quit because of the way they move teachers and kids around, and that maybe they didn’t give her as much control of her room as she wanted, but who knows. Either way, I am seriously sad and disappointed.

Oh, and how exactly do I explain to my 2.5 year old that his favorite person in the place isn’t coming back?????????
I mean, I really thought that this was the place my sons would spend the next few years of their lives and now I’m not sure. This is the third time something staff related has happened. First, he lost Sarah, his first loved caregiver when he was there only a few months, then we lost the director, who I really trusted and respected, and now Nikki. I am so sad!!!

Oh, and Peanut has a serious cough (RSV) and is so congested. I feel terrible for him. He’s having a really hard time sleeping (which of course means we’re having a hard time sleeping too!).

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