Black Hole

February 22, 2006 · 0 comments

I think I am becoming an electronics black hole. Apparently, my hands is where good electronics go to die…or not work at all. Let’s see…
– My laptop for work use only is freaking out – the hard drive is making all sorts of noise and has died once before. Must get that sent in. Now, not only can I not get much work done at work, but I can’t get it done at home either.
– My other laptop (that had Coke spilled on it) is slowly getting worse – more buttons sticking and the battery has gone from a 3 hour life to just about 1, on a good day. Need to send that in too, I guess.
– I can’t use a simple adapter for my ipod for my car because my fancy Sirius radio doesn’t recognize it. I can buy a twice as expensive one, but now I’m wondering if it’s really worth it for as much time as I spend in the car. Of course, I can’t listen to audio books, but hey, how could I do that with 2 kids in the car anyway?
– I bought a cool new monitor with video for Peanut, but unless it’s on the first floor of the house (not where he sleeps, btw) or right outside his door, there is no clear picture.
-Shooey’s monitor is crystal clear during the day and with the light on, but totally fuzzy in the dark, which is when we need it.

Ok, so it’s not all bad, but if you add in the countless cordless phones we have issues with, it’s kind of a mess.

I can’t figure out how to stop eating. Not just eating bad stuff, but eating all together. If I could just fast for awhile, I might be able to lose some of this belly fat (attractive, eh?).

I can’t stop watching House. I have a slight obsession lately. Last night I had this dream in which the characters from Grey’s Anatomy and House were combined into one and I was in it too. Very interesting indeed.

Well, just about out of battery power here and I have to get myself and the boys ready for school / work.

See you later, alligator

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