Fire and rain

September 21, 2005 · 0 comments

My Name is Earl – funny show. Definitely a good break from reality and drama. Wasn't going to watch it but I'm glad I did as it provided lots of good quotes. Now if only I could get that and 2 1/2 Men on the same night and channel, I'd be good for my laughs all at once.

I can't stop thinking about Ladder 49. It was a good movie and even though I was totally warned ahead of time about needing kleenex a number of times, I was still surprised at how many times I needed them! If you've seen it, you'll understand why every time I see that Matchbox version of the red fire chief's car of my sons that I think of the movie.

My cousin is still looking for a job fighting fires (speaking of firemen). I still find it hard to believe that firemen can't find jobs. Like many (most?) firefighters, he feels it is a calling, not just a job. I think that makes it harder when they can't find some place to hang their hat. Sucks for him. I mean how many people truly figure out what makes them happy and have the ability to do it?

So, we're concerned that the Peanut may be a bit on the colicky side. He's sleeping worse as the days go on, and sleeping a lot less as well. For instance, until he fell asleep in the carrier at about 7 tonight, he'd slept less than 3 hours ALL day. Of course, he woke up screaming as soon as I sat down to eat dinner, but fell fast asleep after some food and laying on my chest. He seems to sleep pretty well on his stomach, but I'm too damn scared to let him, especially since he can't really hold his head up yet or roll over. SIDS is a huge fear of mine, so it's not a risk I can take.

I'm very itchy. I have no idea if it's from some over-scratched hives from my reaction, or if it's just dry skin, or if I'm simply being slowly eaten alive by some odd bug. No matter what, I am pretty freaking sick of itching and scratching. UGH.

Had some spur of the moment driveway time with the neighbors tonight. Feels like we haven't seen or talked to them in months! It was nice to catch up with them a little bit. Of course, our lives are little more regimented and run by the kids (they have 2 about the same age as ours), so it's harder to get all of us together at once these days. It's nice to have neighbors that are friends.

Small fry is sure being wonderful with Little Man. Of course, most people say it won't last and that he'll eventually start hitting and such, but I like to think that how he is now is how he'll stay. I love how concerned he is about the baby – so damn cute.

Rita – wow. Another Cat 5 heading toward the south. What a mess. I blame El Nino.

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