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Do other people keep books in their cars to read in case they get stuck somewhere or is it just my dad and me?

How come little kids and babies fight sleep so much when they are so obviously exhausted but adults would drop on the couch for a nap in a heartbeat?

I wonder if all kids like to pretend-cook as much as my son. Perhaps I have the next Emeril in my midst?

Having to rush our Little Man to the doctor and then get x-rays of his noggin last week was probably the scariest time I've ever experienced since having kids. How I held it together without sobbing uncontrollably on the drive there, the wait, the visit, getting the x-rays and then waiting for the results, I do not know. The fear of losing something so amazing and special is terrifying. The worst part is that it's not a fear that ever goes away – there is nothing more scary to me than losing someone in my family – my boys are my life – all 3 of them. And finding that lump on Little Man's head was horrible. BUT, all is well and we'll keep a close eye on it to be sure it doesn't get bigger and that it goes away within a few weeks.

Speaking of the Little Man, he sure is sleeping a lot, but not at the right times. Actually, last night wasn't too bad, as I tried to catch him before he really woke up, and that seemed to help us keep him sleeping instead of staring at me with that 'why are you falling asleep looking at me' look.

Things are finally looking up at work – we now have 2 new employees. Now, if my staff could find the time between patients to train them, all would be well! I will probably be back in the office sooner than later with Little Man, so hopefully I'll be able to pitch in and get them caught up and the new people trained. I got a carrier for the babe and seems to enjoy it, so that should help a lot too.

I'm getting ready to start my diet. I am really ready to lose some weight and oddly enough, what I really want to do is start exercising! Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out when I'm going to fit exercise in, not to mention I don't have the ok from my doctor yet. I'm going to jump on the WW bandwagon with Phenom – it's been very successful for him so far and I really think the points system is something I need to teach me how to eat the right way. Wish me luck!

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