I hate itching!

September 8, 2005 · 0 comments

UGH. When someone says they are allergic to adhesive, the best thing to do is to actually BELIEVE them. Two years ago I had the same freaking reaction to the adhesive they used over my c-section incision. So, this time, I was specific and what I thought was very clear about the fact that I had a horrid recovery last time and that we should avoid adhesives of all kinds. So, they didn't use staples or steri-strips, but guess what? When they cover the incision right after surgery, they STILL USED ADHESIVE. So, here I am, a nice rash all over my body (pretty much a little bit on every part) and itching like freaking mad. I can't believe there's not a shot or pill or something that will make this damn thing go away!
Miracle of Aloe, my arse. Cortaid, Hydrocortisone, Aloe, Caladryl and Benedryl…all work for about 5 minutes and then I'm itching like mad again. And my incision? FEELS FINE! I can't believe with all the advances in modern medicine that there's nothing that can be done for me.

Anyway, the newest member of the family is adorable and sweet and sleeps a lot, which is good. Of course, he and the boy are not quite on the same schedule, but hey, he's only a week old.

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