Time out

May 2, 2005 · 0 comments

It appears that time outs are better designed for me than my son. Seems to be working better anyway. He's doing totally typical toddler stuff, but the hitting my face and pulling my hair is getting the best of my already defeated temper today. I'm very tired, being up since 5:30 and all. My dog is an idiot. My heartburn sucks, no matter what I eat. And I may detach my head if I get one more headache. My buttons, as they say, are being pushed and pushed and pushed again. So, instead of over and over and over and over again saying "gentle hands" "nice hands" "hugs, not hits", I'm removing myself from the situation. Suddenly, the glee the boy feels at hitting me and pulling my hair is dramatically decreased when I silently walk away from him. Of course, he is a toddler, so it happens over and over, but hey, my walking away is better than the screaming that I want to do.

And I'm gonna have 2 of these? Holy crap, may the Lord have mercy on my soul.


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