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{last night}

It’s cold and dreary out, but the Christmas tree lights are giving off a lovely glow in the family room. The dog is at my feet and the house is quiet. I was hoping for some snow (instead we’re supposed to get rain), but I guess it’ll come. Really, I’d just like my destroyed backyard to be covered by a nice blanket of white until we can get it all fixed up.

We’re going out to dinner tonight with our neighbors, without kids. As much as I love my boys and love taking them out places (they really are so very good), it’s nice to be able to concentrate on conversation and being adults for awhile here and there. The boys are at Mike’s mom’s house; they were bouncing off the walls earlier waiting for her to get here.

I suppose this is when I should be reflecting on my year, letting go of 37 and looking forward to 38. I think I’ve reached that magical time in my life when age really IS just a number and birthdays just aren’t that big of a deal anymore. I used to take the day all to myself. I would sleep in and then spend the whole day scrapbooking or whatever I wanted to do. It’s not such a big deal anymore. Dinner out tonight will be nice. I’ll sleep in tomorrow and be a little lazy, but probably not for long. I still have decorating to do, not to mention shopping!

The past year has been good – ups and downs as usual, but not a year I’m running from, screaming like I’m in a horror movie. Within the bad, there has been amazing and wonderful, so all together, I’m feeling pretty good.

This next year brings many great things to look forward to. I know there will be challenges, but I’m certain I can handle them. How could I go wrong with my spectacular family, awesome friends in (and out of) my computer and good neighbors?


My mom just called to sing happy birthday to me…a tradition for many years that always makes me smile. Now, it’s officially my birthday.
Happy Birthday, Me.

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Sherry Carr-Smith December 4, 2011 at 9:53 am

Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a wonderful year for you.


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