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I was hoping I had written a wonderfully moving and perfect to re-post post on this 9th anniversary of 9.11.  Maybe I did, but it isn’t on this blog.

I wasn’t there. No one that I knew at the time was there.  Due to the miracle of the interwebz and twitter and blogs, I now know people who were. While I cannot know how they feel today,I imagine that it ranges from sadness to anger to pain to relief.  I’m sure that they still get a whiff of that smell, whether real or imagined, in the same way that I still get a whiff of my long-passed Grandma’s perfume here and there.

My cousin is a firefighter and I’m certain he feels the pain of loss of so many of his brothers, even though they were so far away.

I was angry that the flag in the middle of our city was at the top of the pole today – is it really so hard to drop that down to half? To honor?

There are a lot of crazy people in this country, and they tend to get most of the press, but I won’t ever get the images of that day out of my mind’s eye. That, to me, is more important that the nuts out there.

I have nothing against building a mosque near Ground Zero…hell, put up a building for every faith if you want – religious freedom is what built this country and that shouldn’t change because some idiots decided they wanted to hurt us and fly planes into our buildings.

It’s been 9 years, but we should never forget the people that lost their lives that day; the rescue workers, the firemen, the civilians who risked their own lives to help.  The families of all of those involved, one way or another.

I remember standing on the top of the World Trade Center like it was yesterday and I still have trouble comprehending that it’s gone, even though I’ve seen the evidence first hand.

To all of those touched by those events on that day, I send you hugs and strength and hope. Our country might seem crazy these days, but no matter what, I’ll never forget.

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