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I was working up in my office while the boys were playing with Miss Molly this morning when I heard the thundering footsteps pitter-patter of little feet on the stairs.

“Mom! MOM!! Look!! I have a loose tooth!” Matt exclaimed, with enthusiasm only an almost 6 year old can muster.

And I looked.  One of his bottom front teeth, LOOSE.  As in going to come out.  As in he’s about to lose his FIRST tooth.

In the name of all that is holy, STOP GROWING UP KID!!!

He hadn’t said anything, so I think it was *just* getting loose, but was pushed along by playing Sock-Em Boppers with his brother this morning.  Since it got loose so fast, Mike called the dentist and they want to see him tomorrow morning.  They want to make sure there’s no permanent damage.  Personally, I think they are being a wee too cautious, and while I know I don’t have to take him in, I’m kinda feeling guilty – like if I don’t there will be some sort of horrible damage.  But if I do, they are sure to say that it’s just a loose tooth.

In the meantime, he’s wiggling and moving it like mad and I still haven’t made this yet!!

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