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April 18, 2009 · 1 comment

Today was absolutely gorgeous – low 70s and sunny with a slight breeze.  Springtime in Michigan doesn’t get any better than that!

Our first task today was to go pick up my car from the fix it up place – even though we had no place to go on Friday or this morning, not having my car around was hurting me! No change to just slip out for awhile or go on an adventure all spur of the moment like!

We’ve decided, since 4 of our main bushes in our front landscaping up and died over the winter, that would would start fresh (we didn’t do the original landscaping, and have wanted to redo it for 7 years!).  Starting fresh means that we need to dig out the old and prepare for new.  We got down and dirty for a few hours doing that while the kids played around us with the neighbor kids.  A good time was had by all. hehe

Matt was pretty upset about having to come inside, even though the neighbors were leaving and we’d been out ALL DAY, so I decided to take him out to dinner and shopping; just the two of us.  We went to Cracker Barrel (a favorite of ours) and then hit Target.  I even let him “talk me into” dessert!!  We loaded up the cart with gatorade, snacks for school and since it was Target, a number of things we totally didn’t need. You know how it goes.  It was so nice to have non-rushed, relaxed one on one time with him!!  When we got home, Preston was thrilled to see us, and even though he threw the “But I wanted to go with you!” guilt at me a couple of times, he really was fine.  I know it’s hard for him to understand that he gets alone time with me 4 out 5 days while his brother is in school, but I brushed off the guilt. (Go, me!)

After a little cleaning, I decided to go up to my room to clean up and catch up on all things internet twitter.  And realized it had been a few days since I posted, so here I am.  The boys are still up, mostly because it’s the last night they can stay up late since school starts again Monday, but also because, honestly? I don’t feel like doing the bedtime thing tonight (to nominate me for mother of the year…).

Before you go on to the next blog in your reader/email/blogroll/whatever, please take a moment to check out these good causes.  Every dollar helps, so please give what you can to both of them.  Thanks!!!!!

  • April is Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness month, please consider showing your support here
  • Please visit HERE to see what you can do to help Heather & Mike as they grieve the loss of their darling Maddie.  There are lots of things you can do! (Not just donating money – find something that makes you comfortable and DO IT!)

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thank you, honey


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