Bad massage or screwed up neck?

February 8, 2009 · 3 comments

I decided to take advantage of the exchange of services that I have with my chiropractor (his family gets eye care, mine gets chiro care – win-win!) and schedule myself a massage along with my adjustment yesterday morning.  I’ve had a massage or two there before, but not with the girl I was scheduled with yesterday.

Now, I know a wee bit about massage therapy, from my mom taking the classes and practicing on me to having a number throughout my life. And over time, I have come to have expect certain things from said massages.

First, I like some mood lighting and I need some good music to relax to, as well as a candle or two and some good scents.  I’m really very easy to get along with, but I think a massage should have those things in order to be the best for ME.

Yesterday? Not so much.

First, she was a little abrupt when she came into the room…but that I can get beyond, no big.

But then, after I got undressed and slipped between the sheets, she took FOREVER to come back into the room! Meanwhile, it’s full bright overhead light, no mood music or anything. Instead of starting as a relaxing experience, it started as a dammit-I’m-getting-fracking-annoyed experience.

So once she finally shows up and hits the lights, the massage was fine (though no music!). Although for a full body massage, she missed a few spots, but that might just be how she specifically does it (although I assumed there were standards..).

Anyway, the other night, I woke in the wee morning hours with what felt like a pinched nerve…after a couple hours of heating pad action, it was fine.  The next couple of days, though, I woke a little stiff in the neck in the morning; this was mentioned to both chiro and massage therapist.

I followed my massage up yesterday with lots of computer work (doing inventory for the first time ever for the office), and I totally felt it in my upper back, as I expected. Today, however, the whole left side of my neck, shoulder, head hurts and is totally stiff.

So, I’m wondering…is my neck super screwed up now or did she rub me into ouchiness?  Either way, I think I need to have a massage at my usual place next time.

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Auds at Barking Mad February 8, 2009 at 10:37 pm

I have never ever been to a chiro before, but have been thinking about it. I think I’m i dire need of an adjustment.

It wouldn’t surprise me though, especially if you’re used to things being a certain way with your regular massage, if perhaps she hit something the wrong way which resulted in your stiff neck. But what do I know…I’m not a MT…and I don’t even play one on TV. *lol* 😀


Paul February 8, 2009 at 11:40 pm

I will take a stab at this. I came across your site through Twitter (I search for the word ‘massage’ in the Twitterstream). My guess is there are a couple of things that are happening.

Number one, tons of computer work after any massage is probably going to make you more sore than if you had had no massage. This is because computer work decreases the amount you move, and moving is what takes the inflammation away. Any massage or exercise will cause some inflammation afterwards. So, your new MT probably caused some inflammation and your sitting at a desk right after didn’t help. But, if she knew what you were going to do after, she should have taken that into account.

Number two, the massage may have caused muscles that were guarding a joint in your neck which was weak/problematic to relax, thereby allowing more movement at that joint. The body would respond by inflaming even more and bigger muscles would splint (contract to try and protect the joint), hence the pain that is bigger than the original complaint.

Number three, the massage was too deep, compared to what you are used to. This would also make you a bit more sore, though I would think this would be a bit more wide-spread over your body.

That could be some of your problems with this MT. In your post, you said that you assumed that there might be standards in the massage field. I can assure you there are none. Which is too bad. It means that consumers must beware, ask questions and be informed. But, business practices can be taught by our clients. So, please, please, please do this girl a favor and talk to her about your experience. The music, the candles, the lighting, the temp of the room, etc. is not generally taught in the schools. In schools, generally the teaching is done in one big room with lots of tables with fluorescent lighting. Yuck. I’m not saying that she has to conform to your standard, but if she does not know, she will never have the chance to change. So talk with her, write a letter, or something. Or write it out for me, give me her email and I’ll write her an email. Sometimes we need to be shown a new/different/alternative path.

Thanks for your blog post. It was a great read and something to think about.



flutter February 9, 2009 at 12:51 am

it sounds like a little of both, really. your chiro needs to know about the experience you had with with and why you won’t be coming back to her.

get another adjustment and a better massage, asap

flutters last blog post..A lifetime of walls between us


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