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As you probably know, I love books. I adore them. I worship books.  My earliest memories are of my dad reading to me, and then, me reading to me.  I started young and haven’t stopped since.  I’ve been known to read the back and sides of the cereal boxes just to have something to read.

I always wanted my boys to have the same love of books that I have.  I read to them as infants (though admittedly, I felt guilty when they were really small because they just didn’t want sit still and listen and I was paranoid they wouldn’t like books!!) But now they do.  Matt gets 4 books each night.  Preston gets 1-6, board books, depending on whether he wants to be read to or just wants to go to sleep.

Tonight, Matt and I did something new.

He read 2 books and I read 2 books.

He. READ. two. books.

Now, if we could get him to poop when he needs to instead of holding it…or get him to stop singing the freaking alphabet song….or get him to quit counting for 2 seconds…or stop saying butthead….


In other news, I finished The Senator’s Wife by Sue Miller. I wish I could give you a glowing review, but the truth is, I found it simply ok.  I’ve read a lot of Sue Miller’s books and as far as I can remember, I enjoyed them, but this one? Meh.  I wanted it to be what I thought it would be, based on the storyline.  But not so much.

Moving on to another book shortly…..

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alejna November 16, 2008 at 11:14 pm

What a cool landmark, that bedtime reading! The love of books is a wonderful gift to pass on.

(By the way, I also read cereal boxes. I think lots of the more random bits of trivia that have piled up in my head are from cereal boxes. Like about the structure of a grain of wheat. Would you like me to draw you a diagram? Because I can, thanks to cereal boxes.)

alejnas last blog post..a blur


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