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how’s it going?  

Good, here.  I changed my site a bit again – did you notice?  You like?  I still have a little tweaking to do – like does anyone know how I get my blogroll alphabetized again?  It’s a little thing, but it annoys me.  


Maggie came home yesterday!  For those of you who said (or just thought) there’s no way in hell I’d let that damn dog back in my house around my kids – I literally told Mike to flip her over and look at her tattoo so we could be sure it was our Maggie.  She is a completely (ok, like 90%) changed and different dog.  Apparently the 4 weeks in boot camp did wonders for her.  She’s only barked like 3 times since she’s been home, she sits and comes when called.  She suddenly learned “leave it” and Mike took her all over the place, including downtown Ann Arbor today and she was fine! No growling, no barking, no biting, no worries.  :!:

The biggest thing with her right now is the puppy.  Since Mags seems to have aged a bit (and gotten lean and huge looking) and isn’t so puppy-like since she’s been gone, the puppy seems overly excited.  Maggie lets her play, but she has been a little possessive of a couple of toys and been a little snippy with the pup.  I have no problem with Maggie teaching Daisy the ways of the world, including the fact that she is alpha dog or whatever, but I will not let her destroy Daisy’s puppy spirit.  So, a bit more training, but they are both showing promise.  The fact that Maggie learned ‘leave it’ and is actually listening to me is very encouraging.  I think for a little while we’ll have to be on both of them to learn how to co-exist peacefully, but once we get over the initial hump, I think it will be all good!!  

Of course, we’re being very careful and tentative with Maggie – but she immediately remembered the babysitter this morning, and she totally remembered her underground fence line.  Smart dog, now better trained!  


Spent a bunch of time playing the Wii last night.  Matt generally takes it over these days, but after they went to bed last night I was busy!  I played 9 holes of golf, a game of Tennis, then I did some Wii Fit, including hula-hooping (hilarious), a run, some balance games, some skiing, some Yoga and some aerobics!  Fun stuff that Wii Fit!  Tonight I tackled skeet shooting, pool, fishing, and some laser hockey game.  Oh, and a little Mario Kart.  :grin:  Matt did some boxing (KO’d a guy, too!), some baseball and a little skeet before spending more time with Mario and Luigi.  Loving my Wii.  Do you have one?  What’s your favorite??


Got to go to work today and got a ton of stuff accomplished.  There is always more, but I put a pretty good dent in it today!  Go Me!!


The new iPhone comes out in 11 days.  I might sell mine and buy the new one.  


Preston got a time-out today for throwing a cup and hitting his brother with it.  His 3 minutes turned into almost 30 because he kept refusing to apologize to his brother.  It literally took that long before it finally sunk in that he couldn’t play until he said he was sorry.  And he actually didn’t say he was sorry, but he did hug Matt, and Matt said it was ok.  He hasn’t had many time-outs in his little life, and to say he was stubborn about it would be an understatement.  He was killing me with the sobbing and then getting up and then refusing to apologize. Breaking my heart. 

He’s so my son. 

Sh…don’t tell anyone.  Let them think Mike is the stubborn one.  😀


Looks like we’re doing the 4th of July celebration right here at home this week – BBQ, beer and fireworks; warm weather, playing kids, and a lot of bug spray.  Wanna come?  Plenty of room in the driveway for everyone!


Mike has rediscovered Sim City.  I won’t hear a peep from him until his eyes blur to little slits and he can’t function anymore.  

I have a new photoshop program to play with and some new pics.  He won’t hear from me until I can’t see straight or tell the difference between a photo I’ve played with and the original.  

Good times. 🙂


Oh, and if anyone wants to send some good labor vibes out into the blogosphere for my cousin, she’s supposed to be having her little boy as of…umm…yesterday.  All was well at her appointment today, but they scheduled an inducement in a week if she doesn’t get moving, and we all know that it is way better to go before that!!  I can’t wait for her little girls to meet their little brother! I only wish we lived closer…like in the same neighborhood.  Of course, I’d settle for at least the same state….

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Michelle July 1, 2008 at 6:15 am

Loooooooooove the new look. Loooooooove it!

Glad Mags is doing so well at home. I’d love to see a picture of her and the pup together 🙂

Grace’s 1st time out, granted it was her first ever, lasted almost 2 hours before she apologized/hugged to say sorry…PAIN. FUL.

YES!! Send labor vibes PLEASE!!! Rose woke me at 4:45am today 😡 . Yup she crawled in bed with us for a while, but soon her squirmy self made me groan and move to the couch with uncomfortable contractions all in my back. Sigh…. He’s just gotta come before Monday, he’s just gotta!!


Clara July 1, 2008 at 9:27 pm

I love the Wii too. We got the House of the Dead with the gun controllers, AWESOME. And of course I like the good old sports games (bowling, baseball etc). Wii fit is fun too. But not fun for a pregnant lady. The body test was depressing, since I’m always gaining weight. Oh well, after the pregnancy it will be more fun!!!!

Lovin’ the new design. You are very creative. And I love the pics, so cute!


moosh in indy. July 2, 2008 at 9:16 am

I’ve found that if I don’t want to share the Wii with my husband I just play naked.
Sorry, but you’re day will come.

moosh in indy.s last blog post..Wii’s kinda snarky. I’s snarky right back.


Tabatha July 2, 2008 at 4:40 pm

I love my Wii.. I like the Sonic VS Mario (?, I think, got it and packed it for our big move this month!)Olympis Games.. Very fun! Although I do tend to play my 360 more, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for a little action and Viva Pinata or Beautiful Katamari for relaxing stuff..Glad Maggie is calmer and listens now, maybe Maggie will help with training the new puppy. Sending Labor vibes for your cousin. reading her comment sounds like Back labor, praying it isnt so bad during actual labor and delivery for her..


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