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July 24, 2007 · 0 comments

It seems like Preston is growing so fast lately. He’s talking a ton and now he’s starting to do things I vaguely recall Matt doing – typical 2 year old stuff. Throwing things, pushing things over and off of stuff, dumping things out, generally making a gihugeous mess of everything. He’s also pushing his limits and causing me to use the dreaded word NO more often.

And he does things that Matt never did, like writing on the couches and walls and anything else with markers, and eating playdoh and sand.  And he’s doing things that Matt is doing now – walking along the edge of the couch, all sorts of other things that Matt isn’t supposed to be doing either!! He’s definitely at that age where he’s learning to be more independent and trying to assert himself and do things for himself. Totally normal, but I was kind of hoping he was going to skip that phase and stay my sweet, cuddly mama’s boy for a while longer.


So now it’s a matter of re-educating myself on the “right” ways of “discipline” for this age. Funny though – when Matt went through his phases, I remember specifically thinking that we would do it “right” the next kid and not make the same mistakes. Unfortunately, that’s about all I remember of that phase!! Oh well, so we’ll have 2 screwed up kids instead of one. Maybe they’ll be able to get a deal on therapy together. 😀

In the TMI corner of my blog, Matt has been having pooping problems lately. Needs more fiber, I guess, but either way, I despise that helpless feeling I get when something like that happens. There is so nothing I can do for him when his issues are physical and internal and he won’t take any of my advice. He just stands there and screams and tears pour down his cheeks. Heart breaking. And the other kid? Horrid diaper rash today. Poor kid couldn’t even sit down for long! I don’t get how that happens – one change he’s fine and the next he’s bright red. OUCH. 🙁

We’re all getting pretty excited for our vacation/wedding in New Hampshire. We’re leaving next week for just under a week of fun in the sun with my cousins (and more of the fam, too, but the cousins are the important part!). I can’t wait to meet my cuz’s ‘new’ baby girl – I haven’t met her yet and I haven’t seen her older sister in 2 years! While I’m a little concerned about the logistics of traveling with the boys, I’m more excited than nervous – I’m looking forward to the adventure!

OH! I finished Harry Potter today!! Woohoo!! Good book. Lots of action and not a bad ending to the series. She actually tied it up in a neat little package there at the end, but honestly, given the Epilogue, she could start a whole new series! A girl can dream, ya know!!

Also trying to work out the details on our Vegas trip this year. I would love to stay some place fancy – like the Wynn or Bellagio, or even just nicer than standard, but I’d rather save the money this year. Looks like our usual group of 6 will be able to make it, so a good time should be had by all. WHAT!? Three trips in one year for me?!? Making up for last year, I guess! 🙂

I enjoy the show Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe is funny and I love his sense of humor about these nasty jobs he does, but tonight, he just crossed the line and I am gagging. Garbage….he pulls this thing out and goes, hey, is this an intestine or a liver? :PUKE:

Well, I’m off to start making lists of things that we’ll need for the trip next week. Any tips or tricks or suggestions for traveling with 2 kids on a plane and then staying in a hotel for a week would be much appreciated!

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