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June 21, 2007 · 0 comments

I took off from work a little early today to continue my search for silver shoes for the wedding I’m in in August. I also wanted to hit a couple of other stores, if there was time. In honor of my giddy, strange self being alone, I thought you might appreciate the thoughts from my trip – some just in my head, others spoken aloud. Yes, I AM a talk-to-myself-er. 🙂 Parental discretion advised – I swear a lot when I’m alone since I have to make up for when the kids are around and I don’t.

  • Dude, move your expensive-ass car…WAIT!! You’re smoking in your $60,000 car?!!?!
  • F-ing buses! {long light, had to wait thru a second one because of said bus} Who uses public transportation anyway…oh, wait, I’m in Ann Arbor!  You either ride the bus, ride a bike or drive a $60,000 car!!
  • {While trying on shoes at DSW, yes, aloud} Man, I need a pedicure!!
  • {Looking at the rows and rows of shoes at DSW} Wow, I could really love shoes if I had a reason to wear them!
  • Ooh, those are_________ {insert adjective here. Most commonly used? UGLY and AWESOME}
  • {Pausing while shopping at DSW} What the hell is this crazy music? {Yes, I even looked up at the speakers in the ceiling as if they would hold some clue as to where they found their strange tunes}
  • Is it wrong to have the A/C on and my windows rolled down?

On Sirius Hits 1 on Sirius (duh) they have this thing called Censor This where they take an innocent sounding song, put a bleep in the right spot and make it sound dirty.  Flippin hilarious!!  They did a couple of Kelly Clarkson songs while she was on the air with them and she was laughing ridiculously hard.  Just thought I’d share!  :mrgreen:

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