Weekend Recap

June 11, 2007 · 0 comments

I spent all weekend working on Preston’s bedroom.  First removing old decorations, then spackling and sanding, then priming and then painting.  And painting. And painting some more!  It’s looking totally cool though and well worth the effort! Still need to do the chair rail and paint the trim around the window and doors, but it is coming along nicely.  We did stripes for the first time and I have to say they turned out really cool.  Will post pics once it’s all done.  🙂

Let’s see….

Matt was hilarious this morning when he woke up.  He was talking like crazy and told me that he didn’t want us to run away with sunscreen on.  LOL.  I did get some clarification – he said that it happened in his eyes when he closes them and puts them against the pillow.  Now there is an interesting way to describe having dreams!!  😆

Both boys are being very silly lately, and Preston is copying everything Matt does.  The literal example of monkey see, monkey do.  😀

Last night I wanted Preston to come over and relax on the couch with me; it was well past his bedtime.  I said “do I need to count to 3?” – a total waste of breath with him, I know.  And to prove it, he gives me a big grin and then shows me his hand, on which he is attempting to count to 3.  LOL.

It’s time to get Preston to start sleeping all night in his own bed.  He’s starting to get more restless in our bed and sleeping in my back, sideways and all over the place.  My own sleep is more and more interrupted instead of less. It won’t be easy.  Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated!

I guess that’s it.  Boring blog, sorry.  Maybe later I can do something more exciting!

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