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A 3-year old’s tantrum is almost a relief to a 1-year old’s tantrum. Why you ask? Well, truthfully, they both totally suck, but for the simple reason that the 3 yr old actually speaks and is understandable (word-wise, not necessarily concept-wise), and the the 1 yr old does the whole arch the back and scream thing. Not a clue what he wants half the time, so that makes it tremendously frustrating. The 3 yr old just whines and cries and pleads “pleeeeeease?”. I’m sure there’s not a parent out there that enjoys a tantrum, but man, do they push my buttons! An evil cycle, yes. I’m sure there was probably a reason I was going to tell you about this – but it may have been as simple as Preston starting to really have these little bouts of temper for silly things (like walking away from the fridge while holding him because apparently, he wanted to open it HIMSELF). He’s no different from Matt at the same age in this way, but I guess I had some deep-down secret hopes that we would skip this phase with him. 🙂 Joke’s on me!!

Speaking of kids…

My buddy Shine is due to have baby #2 tomorrow. Unfortunately, the full moon theory didn’t help her out this weekend. She’s been desperately hoping for a natural birth this time since she had an emergency c-section with her first son. Luckily her doctor is willing to give her some extra time this week for nature to take its course; if nothing more happens, her son will be born on Monday. Either way, I’m sure she’s feeling some relief at having an end in sight. Having two c-sections myself, I know that having it planned is tremendously less stressful than going in not expecting it at all. And hell, I was awake for mine after 18 hours of labor; she was knocked out, which totally sucked. I’m one of “those” people who scheduled #2. My doctor basically said I could do it either way at first, but then by the end was glad I chose to schedule. There were some possible medical complications and I just felt better planning it. I’m a total planner – I hate loose ends – but I wouldn’t have scheduled my first. A lot of things change by the time the second baby comes along. The excitement of everything doesn’t disappear, but it things certainly lose their luster a little bit. Anyway….I hope Shine goes into labor NOW, so cross your fingers, say some voodoo charms or whatever and let’s hope she gets the birth she wants this time around. 🙂

Dress Shopping

Almost as bad as swimsuit shopping, if you ask me. At least when I’m wearing a swimsuit, I’m either under the water swimming or around a bunch of other mostly naked people. With a dress, it’s like putting yourself on display! So, I hit Hudson’s, Marshall Fields, Macy’s yesterday and tried a few on. Suffice it to say, I am fat and out of shape and pretty damn scary under those lights in the fitting room. I found one that I loved – man, was it gorgeous – and it even looked pretty good on. The problem(s)? Needed a slightly bigger size and it was nearly $200!!! Now I love my brother dearly and I am thrilled that he is getting married, but not THAT thrilled! 😉 I was about to give up, but I thought maybe I would take another stroll through the dresses. About 6 dresses later, I found the one! A good amount of money less and nearly perfect in the size I tried. I could stand to firm up and drop some weight to make it absolutely perfect, but in 2 weeks? I’m gonna have to go with what I have and assume that the eyes will be on the bride, the groom and my little men in tuxes. 😀

Passionately Pink for the Cure

My office is participating in the newest Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation fund raiser that is kicking off this month. From October 16th-21st, my staff and I are donating $5 a day to wear PINK to work. We’re extending the offer to our patients as well and offering a discount if they wear pink. 🙂 We used to do the Lee National Denim Day, but they aren’t teaming up with Susan anymore, so we’re doing this. I’m hoping that we can really raise some money this time and that our patients will come through big time. I’m even going to offer up some prizes they can enter to win – all breast cancer awareness stuff, of course! If you want more information about the cause, here’s the website: or if you want to help my office reach our goal, you can go to our page and donate!

Puppy Update

She’s freaking crazy.  LOL.  Seriously, she’s totally a puppy – one minute she’s a complete psycho sprinting around like a chicken with its head cut off  and the next she’s grabbing a sock or licking the boys or peeing. How is it that she can hold it ALL night long but can’t hold it for five minutes during the day? I’m not sure who is worse potty training – her or Matt!!  But, when she’s good, she’s so smart and so dang cute I could eat her up! Hopefully her puppy class tomorrow will provide us with a nice firm foundation.  We’ve already taught her sit and down and today I was working on roll over. Of course, getting her to go to the door to ask to go out would be preferable to any of those, but I’m not quite sure how to get her to do that yet!  I’ll post pics soon  – she’s already getting bigger!!

As for my other blog ideas, I’ll hit those another day. Maybe.  😛

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<![CDATA[flutterc October 11, 2006 at 4:06 pm

LMAO oh dear, sometimes I am really glad that the only kid I have is a giant dust bunny under the bed


October 11, 2006 at 11:06 pm

LMAO oh dear, sometimes I am really glad that the only kid I have is a giant dust bunny under the bed


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