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The A to Z of PGoodness:

Accent – Midwest (though I swear we don’t have one!)
Booze – those flavored Ice things or wine or ice cold beer…it’s so rare these days!
Chore I Hate -cleaning the bathroom
Dogs/cats – Dog: Riley, Cats: Zoe & Phil
Essential Electronics – Mac computer, TiVo, iPod(s)
Favorite Perfume – Happy in Blossom / Happy Heart
Gold/silver – Eh, either is fine with me!
Hometown – Belleville, MI
Insomnia – when I can’t stop thinking
Job title – Owner / Optican
Life’s dream– Write a book / own a bookstore
Most Admired Trait – compassion
Number of sexual partners -more than some and less than others (thanks, Flutter!)
Overnight hospital stays – 2
Phobia – heights I can fall from
Quote – “If I’m right – and I am right 89.23% of the time…”
Religion – Lutheran
Siblings – Older Brother
Time I usually wake up – when the kids do.
Unusual talent – Unusual? Oy. I’m not sure…
Vegetable I refuse to eat – just one? Brussel Sprouts
Worst habit – cracking my knuckles
X-rays -none (but a number of ultrasounds!)
Yummy foods I make – SSP Surprise, Taco Dip, Veggie Pizza

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