Good times…good times

August 12, 2006 · 0 comments

:)  Yesterday and Today have been such good days! Yesterday we hit the mall to get my iMac fixed up, played in the tower of cushions (numerous times!), went out for ice cream and played outside until it was past the boys bedtime.  I even found time to pull weeds!

Today we went to the fair to see the animals. Matt wasn’t crazy about the loud sheep, and didn’t really care for the cows or pigs either, but he didn’t panic. I think he was just a little overwhelmed by the reality of the farm animals he sees in his books and on tv.  Preston thought everything was funny! He liked looking at all of the animals, and seemed to like it most when his dad touched the goats and sheep. Both boys thought it was funny when Mike was feeding grass to the geese! Silly.  :)  After the fair we ate A&W – YUMMMMMMY! And then my mom and Bo came over to play with the boys.  We were supposed to go to the Henry Ford Museum today, but the weather was absolutely perfect for working outside. So we got the rubber mulch all fixed up, cleaned out under the deck, and I even had time to mow the lawn!  Then it was dinner time and then bath time for the boys and then bedtime! Then I went to Meijer! I just finished putting away the groceries and am ready to hit the hay (so to speak).

It appears that our new neighbors are slooooowly moving in. They seem a little unsure about us waving to them, so they either really keep to themselves or they aren’t used to friendly people.  We’ll see. Perhaps once they get fully moved in, they’ll come around a bit.  We’re just so used to our friendly little triangle that it’s hard to accept new people anyway.  Damn Rozemas.

I was commenting to Mike last night that one of my favorite things about us as parents is that we turn everyday things into learning experiences for the boys, especially Matt right now.  For instance, the storm drain in our yard turned into how the rain goes through the gutters and why it needs to go in the drain and so on. That with a promise of checking it out the next big rain seems to really inspire learning. Today we talked about the differences between frogs and toads and how the world must seem so big to something so small.  Anyway, I just like that about us.  Don’t get me wrong, we don’t make everything into a lesson, but we do use our daily lives to start the learning processes.  I mean, when Matt started to get scared of thunderstorms, Mike showed him the radar on tv and they even looked up different things online so he would know what it all was. Although he is a little bothered by a bad storm, he certainly isn’t as afraid as he used to be.  🙂

So tomorrow may bring the purchase and installation of the lattice for under the deck. If nothing else, it should bring the arrival of a lovely German Chocolate Cake (from Mike’s mom for his birthday) and some amazing Chicken enchiladas.  :D  For sure, it will bring me some time to hit my scrapbook store’s big sale.

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