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April 1, 2006 · 0 comments

I've been moving some of my blogs from my previous blogging place, The Bagel, to here.  I truly love the interface and how user friendly this place is!  I could probably just put it on my own website, by I think this is better, for a number of reasons.  🙂  I'm still working on getting some images up; that will be cool.  Anyway, there are a ton of old writings here, as you can tell from the links on the left.  Might have to clean that up a bit, too.  Right now, my eyes are blurring and I'm ready to get a snack and relax a bit.  Went shopping today and found an outfit for Peanut's Baptism (I hope).  It was a nice time with Mom, but now I feel like I totally need to catch up on stuff around the house.  Tomorrow shall be busy no doubt.  

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