So much to do, so little time

March 30, 2005 · 0 comments

I can't believe how much there is to do for this name change! Someone commented to me today that it would probably be easier for me to move my entire office than to change the name. I have to agree! It's like every day I think of something else that I need to handle! Along with the name change, we're also doing a minor office update, including new chairs, rugs and paint, as well as signage and all the rest. It's not the actual work that is so all-consuming, it's the dang timing of it all!!

I like Tyra Banks. She's pretty damn powerful and SO beautiful, and she seems like she's a real, down to earth person. She just said "models are popping out babies like rabbits". LOL

So, anyway, the painters are coming on Saturday, which means prepping the office on Friday. I think I have the rest under control. Today's projects included Yellow Pages advertising, letters to my business associates, getting a final quote on our new sign, setting up an appointment for interior signs, and leaving yet more messages for a couple of insurance companies that have to switch us from retail to independent. Add my regular work into that, and you'll find a woman sitting in her office, jamming to her ipod while totally talking to herself and anyone who will listen. Of course, nothing I say makes sense to anyone else, so my staff has taken to ignoring me.

On tap for tomorrow? Interior sign guy, calling the upholstery guy, calling those insurance companies again, ordering new checks at the bank and payroll.

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