Who I am, in no particular order:

  • I’m a full-time mommy to two amazing and adorable little boys – Matthew who is 9 years old and Preston who is 7 years old.
  • I am wife to Mike (aka @Phenom1984) (aka the wise and wonderful one) (aka awesome dad to our boys)
  • I am the owner of an Optometry office. {Well, I’m currently buying it with my soul from my dad who retired in 2001 and for some reason trusted me to take over his life’s work.}
  • I live in SE Michigan, where our slogan is “You don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes, it will change!” and where the first sign of spring is not the Robin, but the orange construction barrel. You may laugh, but we don’t. Roll our eyes? Yes. Laugh? Not so much.
  • I scrapbook (the old-fashioned paper kind, not digital) miss being able to scrapbook
  • I love to play around with my blog / website
  • I am a very amateur photographer (I use a Canon Rebel T1i or something)
  • I am an avid reader. I read a lot and I read fast. The invention of Kindle and iBooks are a dream come true – as soon as I finish one book I can start another.
  • I enjoy sewing and other types of craftiness. I’m decent at most things I try, but far from perfect.
  • I love being outside in the summer and inside in the winter.
  • I could stand and look at the stars on a clear night for hours.
  • I have a very dry, very sarcastic, very wide sense of humor. And since I have two boys, I have learned to enjoy potty humor as well.
  • I pride myself on my common sense and vast knowledge of many things (not a lot of things in depth, just a lot of random information)
  • And I like long walks on the beach while the sun sets (well, I figure I do anyway. Not so many beaches around here). 😀
  • I was diagnosed with Melanoma in 2009…you can read more about that on my melanoma page (link above).

:arrow: If you need to get in touch with me, you can email me at dgentz55 at comcast dot net or just leave me a comment! I love comments!!

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