Day One Survived!

February 11, 2013 · 2 comments

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I was awake at midnight. Then at 2am. Then until about 3:30. Then it was time to get up. After fighting with a pinched nerve all day and exhaustion from low iron, I needed to sleep!

We arrived at MRI about 5:30 and they got me in early, so that was nice. The MRI itself only took about 35 minutes, so then we had some time to waste before heading to infusion for Chemo.

U of M has an oddly good cafeteria, so we hung there for awhile, people watching and sipping on some juice/coffee.

When we got to infusion, 1/2 hour prior to my appointment, and waited. And waited some more. The place filled in. People filed in and out. Still we sat.  And then, my Onc walked up. Totally threw me off, since he wasn’t wearing his white coat!! We did the usual joke about nothing showing up on my brain MRI (nothing? Nope, nothing! hehe).

When we FINALLY got into the extension infusion area (never been in there!), it was a bit small, but we got a great nurse and that means way more than amenities.

The day was LONG. First, we had to wait for my doc to modify some orders the pharmacy didn’t like (luckily he was on site in meetings) so that wasn’t too terrible. Then we started the IV.

First hour: hydration and oral meds (steroid and anti-nausea x2). Then first chemo drug. Then another hour of hydration. Then a short course of 2nd chemo drug. Then the 3rd chemo drug which was 2 hours, but I only had to do that one today. It has a reputation for burning, so we had it infused with saline as well.

Finally, about 3:00, I was set free! It felt funny to say “see you tomorrow” to oncology nurses, but we had a good one and I’m glad we might get her again tomorrow.

I’m feeling ok. A little off, but not really any different than while taking any other meds thus far. I sat and separated out my pills and set my alarms. In theory, if I can stay on top of the anti-nausea and pain meds, my side effects could be lessened. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for all the love and support, friends!


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Liv February 12, 2013 at 12:12 am

Rock it. Keep rocking.


Trish February 12, 2013 at 8:09 am

You sound great, Dawn!!! You are so tough! Yep, hopefully the side effects will be MUCH less!!! Have a great day today! Thinking of you…and your family, too!


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