Uveitis: delay of treatment, 1 week penalty

December 5, 2012 · 2 comments

Today was supposed to be my 3rd IPI treatment – blood work, dr visit and infusion – and I even had Mike with me today!

Yesterday I had my second flare up of uveitis in my left eye. Dr. K put me on the super strong steroid drops again and it’s already doing better, but given the fact that it isn’t a common side effect and it is unknown whether it is from the Z or the IPI or the combination thereof, Dr. L wants me to see an ophthalmologist tomorrow and do the infusion next week. Apparently the only other patient he had with similar eye issues had to have injections in her eye and go on steroids. He wants to avoid me being on oral steroids since it has been shown to affect the IPI negatively.


So no treatment for me today! Silver lining: Mike and I got to check out Zingerman’s new buildings and eat yummy food and then came home and took a nap before getting the boys.

I’m pretty tired still…seems like the afternoon into evening just crashes over me like a big wave and by night I’m drowning in sniffling, sneezing, coughing exhaustion. Maybe once this cold is gone I will get some energy back.

Today’s small accomplishment: sewed up Preston’s puppy neck and tail

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