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First, I posted over at defying melanoma if you’d like an update on that stuff.

Second: I can’t sleep. At 5pm on the couch? Totally! At 3:30am, apparently not so much. I’ve moved to the couch, tried every mind clearing, relaxation technique that usually works and have listened to the cello suites by Yo-Yo Ma. I’ve tweeted, read, counted sheep, stared into the nothingness and attempted to empty my thoughts by writing lists. I doze for a few moments and then SPROING!!! eyes are open again. At least I slept well from 10-12:30?

Last week, Sunshine & I met for an early movie and lunch. It was such a good day…I needed it. We saw the final Twilight movie. It was the best of the 4, especially with a couple twists and turns. Certainly not Oscar worthy, but a nice reality escape.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we are having it here. I think it’s funny how people are all surprised that we like to host, but we love it! The best part is Mike and the boys making the turkey. Close behind? Not having to go anywhere! I’ve never been a big fan of traveling for holidays, probably because it seems like that was all we ever did as kids. Even with cleaning and hosting, of much rather be at home.

How do you spend the holiday?

I’ve got plenty to do when daylight comes, so I’ll try again to sleep. Have a lovely turkey day! And my Canadian friends? Have a wonderful Thursday!

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